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Madeira in a nutshell includes all the necessary information a traveller needs to know about the island of Madeira.

  • 288 pages
  • almost 300 colour photos
  • almost 200 attractions are presented
  • more than 70 topical festivals and events
  • almost 300 useful words and phrases in Portuguese
  • also a food vocabulary
  • local foods and drinks
  • Madeira wine, vineyards and wine museums
  • local flowers, plants and trees
  • more than 30 parks and gardens are presented
  • more than 30 mansions and palaces are presented
  • almost 40 sports that can be done on the island
  • geography, history, culture and art
  • tips for souvenirs, shopping centers and shopping streets
  • activities for children and teenagers

This travel guide also includes advice and information about climate, national and public holidays, transportation and route suggestions on island tours and city sightseeing etc.